15 Best Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Mods for PC (2021)

The Elder Scrolls by Bethesda is known to be one of the most popular fantasy role-playing game franchises out there. The franchise initially began as a single-player RPG with the idea of a massive survival plot wherein the character interacts with various dungeons in order to achieve glory.

In 2014, Bethesda released a dedicated multiplayer game in the franchise called The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) which was loved by many. However, as we know, the community thrives on mods for the franchise and ESO was no different despite the online gameplay capabilities. The community has thousands of mods for the game for users to play with and enjoy it among other online players. We have come up with a list of the 15 best ESO mods of 2021 to help you make your shortlist. Let us look at it.


  • 1 Best ESO Mods (Elder Scrolls Online) for PC in 2021
    • 1.1 Foundry Tactical Combat
    • 1.2 Ingredients
    • 1.3 Uber Fidelity Suite II
    • 1.4 XP View
    • 1.5 Destinations
    • 1.6 Wykkyds Framework
    • 1.7 Awesome Guild Stores
    • 1.8 Sky Shards
    • 1.9 Master Merchant
    • 1.10 Lore Books
    • 1.11 Daily Alchemy
    • 1.12 Dustman
    • 1.13 Assist Speed Riding
    • 1.14 FCM Quest Tracker
    • 1.15 Bag Space Indicator



Best ESO Mods (Elder Scrolls Online) for PC in 2021

  1. Foundry Tactical Combat

The user interface seen in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is quite remarkable for its gameplay. It is quite easy to navigate between menus while on the game. However, if you are a regular at the game, you will notice that there are certain UI elements that the game does lack on default. The Foundry Tactical Combat comes with the same idea in mind.

Foundry Tactical Combat is a user interface enhancement mod that adds various UI elements for multiplayer gameplay which helps in keeping track of auxiliary data for active combat. Some of the additions include damage numbers, cast bars, and much more.

  1. Ingredients

Crafting items is a huge part of fantasy role-playing games like ESO. This idea here is to collect ingredients in order to craft a weapon, potion, etc in order to use while in combat. While ESO comes with a similar notion, Bethesda has surprisingly not included a ‘recipe’ section in their main menus for players to take notes from and find ingredients to craft a particular item.

This is where the Ingredients mod comes into play. As its name suggests, Ingredients is a utility mod for ESO which adds an extra menu in the user interface which provides a list of crafting recipes that are in the game. Therefore, players now don’t have to constantly exit and check for crafting ingredients and can directly check for them on the in-game menus.

  1. Uber Fidelity Suite II

While the graphics department of ESO is up to the mark, it gets even more incredible with a re shade mod. ReShade mods add real depth of field effects, color correction, ambient occlusion, and much more to the game elevating the graphics of the game is an immense manner. Uber Fidelity Suite II is the best mod of this type for ESO.

Produced by the creators of The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 shades, the Uber Fidelity Suite II is a great mod for ESO. It adds various graphical corrections and enhancements which boost your online gaming experience.

  1. XP View

The live data while playing Elder Scrolls Online is usually more than enough but some users want to be granted more things to track while playing. Live XP tracking is one such thing that the game does not include out of the box. This can be solved by simply using the XP View mod for ESO.
The XP View mod is a simple mod for ESO which adds a tracking meter on your game screen calculating your XP per-hour. In umbrella terms, it tells you the amount of time it took you to get to the level you are currently in and the estimated time it should take for you to get to the next one.

  1. Destinations

Similar to the other games in the franchise, The Elder Scrolls Online comes with a large map, and being a multiplayer game, you are more likely to play the game in a rush. This toughens the possibility of remembering the in-game checkpoints while playing. This is where the Destinations mod comes into play.

As its name suggests, Destinations marks almost every checkpoint on the map for the player.  The player can use this mod to track particular activities and crafting ingredients making the game much easier for themselves in the process.

  1. Wykkyds Framework

User interface enhancement mods are quite tough to produce for any game in the world. The same can be said for The Elder Scrolls Online which already has a good user interface out of the box. However, the Wykkyds Framework is definitely one to consider as it comes with various useful additions.

Similar to Foundry Tactical Combat, the Wykkyds Framework mod helps in improving the user interface of ESO. The mod is a total package for users looking to play a smooth game with detailed statistics. Some of its features include an inventory space tracker, XP to next level indicator, and much more.

  1. Awesome Guild Stores

As we know, crafting on ESO is quite a big deal and the player is supposed to collect ingredients from various areas on the map in order to craft items for combat. One such area for item collection is the guild stores. The Awesome Guild Stores mod aims to improve on that very area.

Awesome Guild Stores is a utility mod for ESO which greatly improves the quality of guild stores in the game by adding life improvement functionalities. It is a great mod for players who craft a lot as the improvements that come with this mod are much needed.

  1. Sky Shards

The Elder Scrolls Online comes with various looting items and collectibles which can be used to improve your in-game character or craft items to use in combat. Sky Shards are a type of collectible that comes with the game. They are used to improve your character’s traits and XP. The Sky Shards mod for ESO targets this area of the game.

As its name suggests, Sky Shards is a mod that marks out every Sky Shards available in the game on your map. This is extremely useful as Sky Shards become really easy to track down through it and players can now improve their character in an easier manner.

  1. Master Merchant

Trading on guild stores and Kiosks is quite a beneficial practice in The Elder Scrolls Online. It helps you improve your status and control inventory that is revolved around the map. However, trading on ESO is quite tough to understand with the default tools provided especially for a newbie. The Master Merchant mod helps you in this situation.

Master Merchant is a great mod for ESO which keeps track of item sales across all of your guilds with detailed info regarding listings of the top sellers, items sold, and item tax income. It also comes with other useful trading tools such as DealFinder which helps you in finding the best trading deals, and much more.

  1. Lore Books

Fantasy role-playing games come with various auxiliary readable items that give out various plot details for players to understand it better. The Elder Scrolls Online’s iteration of readable items is called Lore Books.

While Lore Books don’t affect the plot in a broad perspective, they are definitely something fanatics can collect and acquire knowledge about the game’s plot. However, when it comes to collecting them, the game does not have marked checkpoints. Therefore, it gets really hard to collect them without any assistance. But one can use the Lore Books mod in order to find them as it marks each of the Lore Books out onto your map.

  1. Daily Alchemy

Crafting alchemy writs on The Elder Scrolls Online is quite fun as it involves completely daily updated quests on the game. These quests can be found out in the Consumables Crafting Writs boards that are located in all of the major cities of the five Alliance zones. Crafting these writs takes a lot of time especially when a master writ is involved where ingredients are impossible to figure out manually. This is where the Daily Alchemy helps.

Crafting master writs on ESO is quite tough as it usually involves the creation of weird potions/poisons whose ingredients are close to impossible to figure out manually. But if you use Daily Alchemy, it walks you through the process of these daily quests which saves a lot of time in your progression of the game.

  1. Dustman

It is safe to say that The Elder Scrolls games are quite massive and complicated to adapt to. While the game makes sure that the player completes the storyline, a large amount of unwanted junk is collected by the player in the process. These junks include items that have no in-game value and can’t be used for crafting either. The Elder Scrolls Online also has its fair share of junk. Dustman is a great mod that users can use in this scenario.

Dustman for ESO is a mod that scans the player’s inventory for any junk that they might be carrying with them. Once the scan is completed, the mod removes every item which does not sell for any gold or cannot be used to craft any items. This makes up room for items that actually matter in the game.

  1. Assist Speed Riding

As we know, The Elder Scrolls Online comes with a large map which the players have to travel around without the option of direct fast travel for newcomers. The Assist Speed Riding mod is something one should use in this situation.

Assist Speed Riding is a highly useful tool for ESO which improves your movement speed by 30% helping you travel around the map in a quick manner. The mod unfortunately only works for players above level 10. It can be availed by going into Cyrodil and finishing the “Welcome To Cyrodil” quest. Once the quest is completed, the mod adds the assisted riding speed onto your action bar. The mode of transportation does not affect this mod as a 30% increase will always be seen by the user no matter how the travel is initiated.

  1. FCM Quest Tracker

ESO has its fair share of quests which the player is asked to complete in order to excel against their rivals. However, the going gets tough when the player is unable to keep track of the quests they have to complete while playing the game. This problem can easily be solved if you use the FCM Quest Tracker mod.
As its name suggests, the FCM Quest Tracker mod helps you in keeping track of all your quests that you need to complete. The mod comes with a customizable (in terms of priority) and unobstructive quest list which the player can look at while playing the game without having to look at quests one by one.

  1. Bag Space Indicator

The inventor bag is your only arsenal in The Elder Scrolls Online. It contains each item that you obtain while playing the game in order to use for crafting other items, completing quests, and much more. Surprisingly though, Bethesda has not included a default bag space indicator on the gameplay screen. This is why the Bag Space Indicator mod is so popular in the community.

Many user interface enhancement mods come with an inbuilt bag space indicator but what makes this mod the best is that it provides precise tracking while making sure that the user does not face any interference due to it while playing the game.

Mods on any Bethesda game become popular as soon as they come out. They help in simplifying the game for the community by providing necessary tools that the company might have not included out of the box or enhancements related to the game’s user interface.

The Elder Scrolls Online was a great concept during its release and is still enjoyed by players today but the lack of a few menu options and indicators make the game hard to play especially due to how large its map is. This is why we have curated the list of the 15 best ESO mods as of 2021.

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