24 Best & Free Movie Streaming Sites – No Sign Up & Registration 2021 (XBOX One, PS4 Included)

Free Movie Streaming Websites is something every one of us looks for to save some money. Streaming movies online has become very convenient these days. You can stream as well as download your favorite movies on the go anytime and anywhere. However, most of these streaming websites or platforms aren’t free and require an individual subscription fee. But, most of us want to stream movies online for free on ps4, Xbox one, android and are looking for free movie streaming sites. We’ve created 24 of the best free Movie streaming sites 2020 that requires no signup or registration.
If you are a movie buff, then you have come to an absolute right place. Watching a movie is the best entertainment one can get, and almost everyone is a Movie lover, but many of them prefer to watch on their device instead of spending loads of money in the theater. You can do the same by downloading or streaming the movies online. But again, who would waste time and wait for the Movie to get downloaded and then watch it? One would instead prefer to watch online that too for free of cost. We have made a list of all sites that you should refer to and use them to watch movies, so look at the free & best Movie streaming websites no signup.
Watch movies can help people to remove frustration & get motivated to work or study. That’s why we have written here about some best & Free Movie streaming sites that require no signup.

24 Best & Free Movie Streaming Websites No Sign Up 2020

So guys, as we all know, Youtube asks for money to unlock movies available there. From a range of $0.5-$10, making it easy for you and getting movies for free, we’ve combines a list of free movie streaming sites below. These sites do not require any signup or registration; you won’t be asked to pay any money to watch them. Each one of these sites is 100% free, spam-free, and secure. These are the best sites for watching Bollywood, Hollywood, and other movies for free online. Instead of wasting more of your time, let’s get started with the top 24 best movie streaming sites:

24 Best Sites to Watch Movies Online Without Signing Up:

List of Names of the best sites to watch movies online for free is mentioned below, along with their tagline. Start reading:

#1 AZMovies 

Free Movie Streaming Site
AZmovies is relatively new but is growing immensely with time. This website has an excellent user interface that makes browsing and navigation pretty easy. On the homepage, you can see mainly two sections; featured and recently added. Its poster displays each Movie on the website. The movie poster has an HD or 1080p tag on the left top.
You can find movies in multiple quality options, including 1080p and 720p. After clicking on a movie poster, you’ll need to select the server through which the Movie is supposed to be played. If one of the servers does not respond or is faulty, try another one.

#2 Fmovies

Free Movie Watching Websites
Fmovies is one of the most popular free Movie streaming websites in the world. Despite having a massive collection of movies, the user interface isn’t messy at all. Movies are categorized neatly, and the website has no navigation issues.
Unlike other free movie sites, movies do not have pop-up ads, and even the banner ads are minimal. Apart from movies, you can also stream as well as download TV shows. Movies and shows are updated very often, and you can find the latest episodes without any hassle. Fmovies has a collection of thousands of movies in multiple languages and genres.

#3 Fzmovies

watch online movies for free
When you open the website, you’ll be asked if you want to use the older version of the website or continue with the newer one. The more recent version only has a search bar for browsing your favorite movies. However, the older version is comparatively better and has a list of movies, sections, and categories to choose from.
You can see a short description and ratings of the Movie when you select one. The streaming links are managed on sites like sockshare, movshare, nowvideo, etc. The best part about this website is that it has not only HD quality movies but also SD and some lower quality ones. Multiple quality options make it convenient for users with high as well as low internet speeds.

4. My Download Tube

Watch movies for free
As the name suggests, this website is mainly for downloading free online movies no signup. However, you can stream movies as well. You can start streaming movies right after launching the website without even signing up or creating an account. There is no subscription or additional charges, and this website is free.
Each Movie displayed on the website has a short description or storyline and release date along with the movie poster. You can also see the average ratings that a particular movie has received from the audience and critics.

#5 123movies

Best movie streaming site in 2020
123movies is a popular name in the industry and has lots of users all over the globe. Despite being so popular, this website is ad-free. There are no pop-ups or even banner ads. The user interface of the website is simple yet effective. You can select the movies either by sorting them out through various filters or just by searching its name in the search bar.
Once you’ve browsed the Movie you were looking for, you can either download it or even stream it online without paying a dime. You can find movies of multiple genres, including sci-fi, action, adventure, thriller, etc. Additionally, you can also stream or download TV shows and animes as well. Despite being a free movie streaming website, 123movies is entirely satisfactory.

#6 Crackle – Watch Movies Online, Free TV Shows & Original

watch movies for free
There is no need for you to register on Crackle’s websites to watch movies. But you can write if you want push notifications on the device for whenever a new release is made on the website. The categories are many such as Horror, Romance, Sci-fi, Thriller, Adventure, Action, and a lot more of them. All of the genres have been comprised of many movies; each has a beautiful film, repeat watches. You can also use the see list feature for a smooth experience. All you need to do is search for the Movie you want and play on it. Crackle is a platform that gets you to access to free movies. Even being an open platform, it gets splendid content.

#7. Viooz Movies – Watch Free Movies Online in HD Without Signing Up

best streaming site to watch movies
Now here is something you would love this website. Many sites allow you to enjoy the old classic movies, but this site does more than that as it dates back to the film from the 1920s; who wouldn’t want to watch the Movie from that time? Do not think even for a second that this website only focuses on old film as it regularly uploads new content and has an IMDB column where you can get to know the IMDB rating of any movie you want. For any queries, you could visit the user-friendly and help page of FAQ on their site. This site works on regular updates, which gives you apprehensive content each time you switch for any movie. None of the movie showcases disrupted quality, and user find a pleasing hour

#8 Movie4k.tv

Online movie watching website
You can also enjoy the new TV shows along with the Movies on this website. This site holds many explicit features, which makes the use of the site flexible. The website tells you the exact time the release was made on the website, which is quite helpful in some ways. On the homepage, you would get to know about the servers’ quality, represented by the emoticons. There are all types of Genres, along with adult movies. The server does not support commercials; it gives fast and rapid search outputs. Unlike other websites, you can upload a movie on the site yourself and allow other users to stream your content, but you have to log in to the account for uploading movies. This network is not advised for kids under 16. The best part about movie4tk is you don’t need to sign up – go there and start watching what you like.

#9 Tinklepad.ag

movie watch online for free
Tinklepad does not have an attractive interface or background, but it has an HD quality stream that buffers too quickly even on a mobile device; it does not corrupt your device and works continuously to other devices. The website earlier did not contain TV shows, but not it does, and watching them is a delightful experience. The movies date back to the 1990s, and you can also find any movie Genre categorically or in alphabetical order. Like Movie4k, this site also allows you to upload a movie of your choice to the site, and the only restriction is that it should meet a specific guideline that you will get to know once you visit it. Tinklepad gives the user a platform to watch free exciting movies even though the recent hits are available for free; now, it’s high time you have spent money on Movies.

#10 Popcornflix – Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online

watch online movies for free
There is nothing better than Popcornflix when it comes to new movies as it uploads new content before anyone. One can browse movies by genres of comedy, romance, documentary, short, etc. Here also, you do not need to register yourself to watch any film, but by just clicking the play button, you can enjoy the Movie you want. When you visit the site, you will notice a column named Pop Picks on the homepage, and it contains the film which is recommended as best according to the owners of the website, and for me, it is better to know what the site owners like. This site gets you with the list which has various options of best-rated movies over it. This list is designed in a manner so that users can easily choose without much labor. Not only this app always gets on upgrading, which adds over in the features.

#11 Lozolymovies

watch movies online for free
Note: According to updates, Lozolymovies is no more live at the moment. We will remove this note once this movie website goes live again.
You will find a vast collection of Hollywood movies that are trending, and you do not need to register or give your credit or debit card information. You would be happy to know that the site also lets you watch the trailer of any movie you would like, which genuinely makes a choice easier during movie selection in the vast list. Along with the free online Movies and TV Series, you can also enjoy the tons of Anime and Hundreds of games. This site not only has a good collection in terms of movies but in terms of other shows and fun as well. If you want, you can also get the HD wallpapers on the site’s homepage, making your wall look graceful. The fantastic picture quality and graphic technique are embraced by the user every time.

#12 HugeMoviesdb.net

movie watcing site online
It may be a new website in the market, but its collection is comparatively quite huge, and you would quickly get your favorite Movie on the site, as this site is not yet famous, but its packet has a vast list of movies. We would not suggest this site to watch any old movies as it has content from only 2010 to date; yes, this site does not stream movies of the late ’90s. But that de site does not make it a wrong place as it keeps on updating a new film every day. The matter it has on the site is to be praised instead of looking for the old genre. You need not get register over this site. It works anyhow better this way.

#13 Moviesplanet.tv

Latest Anime Watch on Kissanime
Movies planet contains different genres for both TV Shows and Movies, which are over thirty, and that is quite a significant number; each of the genres is comprised of its hit movies, which are highly rated. The site allows you to see news of your favorite TV show or Movie. It has many things on the homepage itself, such as connecting to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Messenger, and much more. None the less the explicit feature this site gives you is worth praising. In more straightforward terms, this site is an All-rounder network for most of the users. The site also tells you the top view movies on a particular day to be updated about what is trending. This free streaming site is worth using every time.

#14 Viewster.com – Watch Original Free Movies and TV Shows Instantly Online

movie streaming site
You can not only get Movies, but you can also enjoy anime, cartoons, TV shows, and much more. All of these are streamed on this network free of cost. Not only this, each of the category whether being a TV show or Movie or Anime, but each also has a massive list of shows which are considered to be good. The website has its channels section where you can browse your favorite TV show from its channel. It has its Blog where people discuss Movies, TV shows, anime, etc. By reading the blogs, you can quickly review which Movie or tv show is right; you can also suggest your mind after getting registered. The site also allows you to see the watch history and has a section of My videos.

#15 Primewire

streaming movies website
Primewire is the last in the list but certainly not the plan. It has a simple interface but best search optimization results and gives you an advanced search option; everything is arranged so that users can complete its navigation in significantly less time than too with better results. This site does not only stream free movies, but also you can find music on this site. The Top Users section tells about the users who are loyal to the site. The site excels in almost everything, but the quality may be a problem as it takes a little bit of time to buffer. The Buffering problem can be resolved while you pause the video before it begins. All the Movies on this website are depicted in HD quality; now, you need not compromise in terms of quality.

#16 Gomovies.to

free movie watching sites
This particular free movie watching website is considered as one of the first services with these features. However, the main downfall is that it has some tilts, which means that some countries don’t work correctly. Many different movies are categorized in the genre, and it is considered one of the most organized websites with an excellent interface that you can use even if it is your first time. There is a massive database of TV series and movies categorized by country, genre, ratings, etc. It is particularly significant because it contains many Chinese Kung-fu movies, so you will enjoy flicks that are unavailable on other websites on this list.

#17 Vudu – Watch Movies No Signup or Registration

watch movies online for free
Vudu is among one of the best Movie streaming websites with the possibility to stream online your favorite ones or to rent them. It contains numerous movies that you can rent for the lowest price you have seen, and also, if you don’t want to spend any money, you can always watch them online. There are many different free movies that you will watch for free without paying any additional fee and subscription. Such a site these days is hard to find, which gives you free movies and that too in wide variety with explicit picture quality. This website is a must-try site that has numerous features, not just that. If you are still holding on searching for the site, make it a priority as it works fantastic.

#18 TopDocumentaryFilms – Watch Free Documentaries Online

watching movies for free
If you want to visit some free movie websites that will leave you amazed, this is the one. This is one of the most popular movies streaming sites that give you the possibility to watch for free top documentaries from all over the world that are in the free public domain; it does not matter if you are a Hollywood fan or Bollywood freak both of them with each genre and with good movies list is showcased. This site allows you to be set in terms of quality and quantity. Numerous categories will give you a full perspective of your wishes. It contains an excellent friendly interface, which means that you can find great documentaries in seconds, not just documentaries but also any video.
Note: This is instead an online documentary website. We all know documentaries are also kind of movies; that’s why we’ve listed it in the free movie websites list.

#19 ClassicCinemaOnline

watch cinema for free
It isn’t easy to find a movie streaming website that contains all classics that changed the lives of entire generations of the movie industry. This site performs the function the same as required by the audience. These movies are not on every ad, and it doesn’t contain popularity such as new movies, From all the popular to the midst popular hits all are available. It is designed as per everybody’s taste however, that doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy it because you will witness history in its unique possibilities. This is best for 20th-century movies, So for all of them who like to watch old movies, grab this app soon. The quality of the Movie being showcased never gets deteriorated.

#20 Retrovision Classic Movies – Classic Movies and TV

stream movies online for free
This particular movie streaming website will give you the end of nostalgia because you will enjoy retro and classic movies that changed cinema. Its interface is designed to present you older times and the parallel reality of the last century. With a great graphic design that is a reminiscence of the ’50s and ’60s, if you are a fan of these movies, you will adore everything that you can hang on. It is a great place where you can find a vast database of black and white films and those in colors that changed how movies function. None of the black and white Movies gets you old picture quality; they are improved to find the moments pleasing while experiencing those days.

#21 Vimeo

best movie streaming websites in 2020
We have all heard about Vimeo because what you cannot find on YouTube, you will be able to see there. It is an excellent video website and interfaces where you can find numerous short, independent movies. If we compare it to YouTube, the interface is much simpler, and you can find whatever you want in the colossal database and library. You can also connect to Vimeo through your Apple and Smart TV, Chromecast, Xbox, and other consoles and smart devices.

#22 Hotstar Movies

watch movies online for free
Hotstar is one of the most popular movies streaming websites and portals, with many viewers from India who can watch the latest TV shows unavailable on other websites. You can also install the application for free and watch live stream sports. This site is compatible with all the devices, whether it be windows or IOS. All its services to the user are unpaid and even stream some Hotstar special shows. And indeed, it is an excellent accessory for your relaxing hours. There are numerous movies that you can watch for free, and also it contains an excellent and straightforward user interface so that you can browse your favorite movies and TV shows to enjoy.

#23 Movies Found Online – Free Movies & Documentaries

watch movies online free in 2020
This excellent website and service contains an interface and feels similar to PopcornFlix. However, if we compare the content from these two, we can say that they differ. There is an excellent collection of critically acclaimed short movies, and you can also browse shows and movies from independent artists and directors with many artistic motifs and details. This site is not for masses but classes, and you should know that before you decide to watch free flick online. This site is available in a paid version also, and the paid one always works better, but none the less the free version has all the qualities to that of paid but in little deteriorated matter.

#24 Yidio – Where to Watch TV Episodes and Movies Online

Stream movies online for free
This excellent website is a synonym of creativity and impressive user interfaces with great design. You will enjoy every single second while browsing your favorite movies, and it is widely recognized because of a great collection of drama movies. You will be able to browse numerous genres and categories. It contains excellent and unique features such as customized movie alerts dependent on the category you choose. You can enjoy every single second of this fantastic website that will give you the possibility to stream free movies without charge. This network plays all the popular desired hits which currently youth are looking for. Don’t miss the chance of enjoying its free version, which has a massive list of movies.
Note: All this information is just for educational purpose only. We don’t intend to cause any harm to movie producers. Please don’t use any of the websites or unwanted apps(which is not legally acceptable).

Free Movie Streaming for PS4

Just a tip before we start; you can stream movies on the ps4 browser. Follow the steps mentioned below to watch tv on ps4 free.

  1. Turn on your Playstation 4 device.
  2. Now, go to the Internet Browser and open it.
  3. Like any other device like Android or Computer, put the URL of above mentioned free movie websites in the browser.
  4. Please search for the Movie you want to see and play it.
  5. That’s all. Enjoy incredible streaming movies on your PlayStation 4.

That’s all you have to do to watch free movies on the PS4 browser.
Note: Playstation 4 users should also check out the game creation social platform named Roblox PS4.

Free Movie Streaming for Xbox One

Some of you might search for Xbox one Movie streaming sites. Follow the steps given below to watch free movies on Xbox One:

  • Turn on your Xbox One device.
  • Go to Store.
  • Then go to the ‘Deals’ section.
  • Search for ‘Kodi’ and download it.
  • Now launch ‘Kodi’ on your Xbox One.

Also Check: Xbox One Roblox
That’s all; you can use this app to watch free online movies online on Xbox One. Although everything isn’t available on Kodi – you can search for Kodi Addons and gather more information about getting every Movie on Xbox One.
Also, just like Playstation 4 – you can directly put the Xbox one Movie streaming sites mentioned above in the browser and watch movies from there. 🙂
Note: We haven’t mentioned ps4 Movie streaming sites, which requires no sign up mainly. You can use the apps mentioned, or you can also use the browser and go to any site mentioned above to start watching movies.


Although there are so many free online movies websites available that require no signup, most people still prefer to watch movies on services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. This is because of their unique features and ad-free environment. You should also use these services to start and later move to paid services like Netflix; you can get some decent TV series and movies there.
Everybody loves free stuff. No matter how inexpensive streaming movies have become these days, free is always better. Finding good free Movie streaming sites for android, Xbox one, ps4 has become a daunting task. Most of the websites are filled up with irritating pop-up ads and multiple fake download buttons. To make the job less daunting, we’ve made a list of free movie websites with no sign up 2020.
These free movie websites are entirely free and will never ask you to pay a single penny. However, some server issues might be on time, but the sites get back in no time. You can stream movies in SD as well as HD quality, depending upon your internet connection. It isn’t completely legal to watch movies on these websites but is entirely safe. Let us know in the comments if we missed out on any of the websites or whether you have difficulty using any of the websites.

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