Free Hulu Plus Accounts List 2021 – Trick to Get 1 Month Free Trial

On-demand television platforms are becoming mainstream at a tremendous rate. People are moving over from their conventional television sets to smartphones, tablets, and PCs for streaming movies and TV shows. These platforms provide on-demand video content on the user’s desired device.

Platforms like Hulu have made it possible to stream live as well as previously telecasted shows and movies on the go anytime and anywhere. Hulu is an American based company that has now become the one-stop solution for live television and video content.
Earlier, Hulu had a free version as well through which the users could enjoy the services without paying a dime.

However, there are multiple paid streaming options that the company offers. Despite having a subscription fee and not being completely free, the fee that the company asks for is totally worth it.

A Hulu account lets you stream all the latest episodes of a TV show whereas a Hulu plus account not only lets you stream and download the latest episodes but also the previously telecasted ones too. Hulu and Hulu plus accounts differ in prices and features. Let us have a look at their differences and what other plans Hulu offers.

Hulu vs Hulu Plus Account

Hulu and Hulu Plus offer the same TV shows and movies excluding the originals. However, the major difference between the two is the number of episodes they both telecast. A normal Hulu account lets you stream only the latest 5 episodes of a TV show whereas a Hulu plus account can be used to stream all the latest as well as previously telecasted episodes of a show.

Additionally, a Hulu plus account lets you stream and download the Hulu originals as well. With a normal Hulu account, you won’t be able to watch Hulu originals. All the devices are supported with a Hulu plus account whereas a normal Hulu account can only be used to stream shows and movies over a desktop in the chrome browser.

Hulu – Plans and Pricing

Hulu has a wide range of plans ranging from $5.99 to $50.99 per month. As the price of the plan increases, the features you get with it increase. Here are the four major plans that Hulu offers to its users:-

1) Hulu (basic) – $5.99

This is the most basic plan that Hulu offers for a subscription fee of $5.99. With this plan, you get to stream all the TV shows and movies but there will be advertisements between the streams. You also wouldn’t be able to stream live TV with this plan and can only stream previously telecasted episodes and movies.

2) Hulu (No Ads) – $11.99

This is same as the basic Hulu plan but without advertisements. The only difference between this plan and the basic plan is that with this plan you won’t be annoyed by the advertisements and can enjoy your streaming ad-free.

3) Hulu + Live TV – $44.99

Both of the above plans do not support live TV and can only be used to watch episodes that have been uploaded on the platform. However, this plan lets you stream live TV on the go. A wide range of channels are supported to stream with this plan.

4) Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV – $50.99

This is the most premium as well as an expensive plan that Hulu offers. Despite this plan being on a higher edge, is totally worth it due to the features that it offers. With this plan, you can stream previously telecasted episodes as well as live TV without advertisements. This plan wouldn’t be suitable for everyone due to its subscription fee of $50.99 per month.

Free Hulu Accounts Trick – 1 Month Free Trial

Although Hulu has discontinued its free account membership long back, you can still avail a free membership for the first month. This can be done by applying for a free 1-month trial that Hulu offers its users. All you’ll have to do to enroll for the free trial is create an account, enter your payment details and choose a plan.
Here’s a step-by-step procedure to do so:-

  1. Go to
  2. Now, click on the “start your free trial” button which can be found on the homepage itself.
  3. After clicking on the button, you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll be asked to choose a plan. If you’re only here for the free trial and won’t continue using Hulu after the trial ends, choose the plan with the highest pricing.
  4. After choosing your desired plan, enter all the required credentials like name, email id, etc.
  5. Now, you’ll be taken to a payment gateway where you’ll need to either enter your credit card details or link your PayPal account to the Hulu account.
  6. Once you’ve entered your card details or linked your PayPal account, you’ll be successfully enrolled for the free trial for a month.

This free trial goes on for a month and once the trial month ends, you’ll be charged as per the plan you’ve selected. However, you can cancel your subscription right before the trial ends in order to avoid paying any subscription fee. So if you just want to enjoy the Hulu free 1-month trial and don’t want to pay for the next month, cancel the subscription before the trial ends.
Also, if you’re someone who does not have a credit card and is struggling to get one, you can apply for any of the virtual credit cards. These virtual credit cards can be used for creating free Hulu accounts.


Free Hulu accounts have been discontinued by Hulu long back. But, in this article, we’ve shown you the method to get Hulu for free for 1 month. This method is completely legal and the company themselves have introduced the 1-month free trial. A Paypal account or a credit card is a mandatory requirement in order to get a free trial account. Comment below if you face any problem while applying for Hulu 1 month free trial account.

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