GBWhatsapp Latest Version Apk Download [ 2021 ]

Are you guys bored of using the simple & witless official Whatsapp Messenger? Heard somewhere there are better alternatives available? Wanna try some tweaks with Whatsapp apk? There is something interesting for you readers. If you want to try some tweaks with Whatsapp GB then, you should check the tweaked version of the official application. This MOD(gbwhatsapp apk) is ever popular than the officially built WhatsApp app. If you’ve been looking to download, the so-called popular mod you can download gbwhatsapp apk from here.

When it comes to the best messaging application, Whatsapp Messenger holds the first position in this list. And actually, it is. The immense growth this software has gained is huge. Within a few years, it is one of the top applications available for any operating system. Either you look at the App Store or Play Store, Whatsapp is among the top 10 list. Frankly speaking, Whatsapp is one of the best and most popular messaging applications developed to date.

Just like someone said there are blemishes even on the moon. Whatsapp too is 100 cents perfect. There are a few limitations and restrictions in simple Whatsapp Messenger as well. Basically, it is the best social app due to its simplicity and elegance. But the limit down of some of the top features it has makes this application odd. Since there is a better option available why would you go for this app?

Today in this post we are going to share with you all about the latest Whatsapp Mod i.e GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version. And yeah! pretty soon, a link to gbwhatsapp 9.0 will be added to his post.

There is a different category of people who always wanted to try some tweaks with the simple application whether it’s Whatsapp or Instagram. They are known as Modder or Mod developers. Modder transforms the simple application into an amazing app which is known as MOD Of that application.

                                                                                           Download GBwhatsapp Latest

For example, Whatsapp Application has 100+ mod Developed by Modders. Few of them are much popular GBWhatsapp, YoWhatsapp, FM Whatsapp, OGWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus are few of them. This list is very long and never-ending as Creator always tries to make new mods with the help of the previous one.

GBWhatsapp apk is one of the Popular Mod Among all Whatsapp Mod Developed to date. All the restrictions and limitations of Whatsapp Messenger are overcome by GB Whatsapp app developers. All premium features are Unlocked in GB Whatsapp Latest Version. Features of GB WhatsApp are really very amazing. Download the latest Version GBWhatsapp Apk from below download link and enjoy its interesting features.

GBWhatsapp 8.25 Version Information

Read full version information about GBWhatsapp v8.20 latest apk. After that Download GB Whatsapp and Enjoy its amazing features. Here is the info table :

Application Name GBWhatsapp
Version 8.25
Developer gbmods
Category WAMods
Android Req. 4.0+
Root Access Not Required
Downloads 10M+
Main Features Additional features
Last Updated 7 hours ago

GBWhatsapp Apk [Installation]

  • Begin it with downloading or telecharger the GBwhatsapp latest version APK file. You can get it from here.
  • In case you are installing any third-party app for the first time, Make sure the unknown sources option is set to enabled. You can find the option under security settings.
  • Go to Setting > tick unknown sources box there to install apk.
  • Go to the directory where the apk file has been saved.
  • Click and open the file.
  • Click on install.
  • Proceed to Next.
  • That’s it you have successfully installed the gbwhatsapp apk.

GB Whatsapp Apk [Getting Started]

Once you’ve successfully installed the gbwhatsapp apk. The registering process is pretty much similar to the official one. Just

  • Open the app you installed.
  • Enter the number you wish to get registered with gbwhatsapp.
  • Confirm the number you entered.
  • An OTP will be sent to the number you entered in the previous step.
  • In case you don’t have the same number inserted in the phone, you can also manually input the OTP after some time. Else it will be automatically verified.
  • If you had previously registered with Whatsapp you will see your profile.
  • Simply click on next and you’re done.
  • Else you can set up your profile picture and username.
  • Proceed to the completion.

Why GBWhatsapp Apk?

As discussed above, GBWhatsapp is one of the popular and amazing Whatsapp MOD. This Whatsapp MOD is Developed by Omar. This mod is enriched with tons of unique features. I bet you! You can’t stop yourself from using GBWhatsapp after reading this post.

GBWhatsapp has some amazing features like hiding blue tick, hiding notification, privacy on status, different user interface, etc.

The best feature of GBWhatsapp is that it allows you to use a Dual Whatsapp Account on a single device. Sounds interesting right? Now You don’t have to download any third-party application like parallel space or App cloner to use dual Whatsapp. GBWhatsapp 6.60 Apk makes it much easier to use double Whatsapp.

We have shared GB Whatsapp Apk in this post. Want to discover more about this mod, just smash the Download GBWhatsapp box below and get access to all Hidden Whatsapp features.

GB Whatsapp is Loaded with super cool features like you can send a blank message to your friend. Not only that you can also create your own Whatsapp themes according to your likes and dislikes.

I think that is enough for basic about GB Whatsapp. Now let’s discuss GbWhatsapp Features and installation guide of GB Whatsapp in next Para. Keep reading this post for more information.

Why do we use GBWhatsapp over Whatsapp Messenger?

This question is really interesting! Why we use GBWhatsapp, what makes GB Whatsapp different from simple Whatsapp. There are more than 100’s of reasons which prove that one should use GBWhatsapp over Whatsapp.

Do u ever want to add more than 256 members in a Whatsapp group? You can’t do this in simple Whatsapp Messenger as there is a limit of 256 members in a group. If I say you can add 500 Members to a single Whatsapp group! Yeah…! This is possible only due to GBWhatsapp apk. In this mo, you can add 500+ Members in a single Whatsapp group.

One thing I don’t like about Whatsapp is that you can send more than 15 MB Media File in Whatsapp Messenger. Annoying Na! No worries! GB Whatsapp Allows you to share more than 15 MB Media File. Don’t believe! Download GBWhatsapp Apk and try these amazing features on your own.

Are these features are enough to prove that you should use GBWhatsapp instead of Whatsapp Messenger. Lol! Try GBWhatsapp, You will fall in love with this MOD.

Features of GBWhatsapp Apk

This is the main part of the post. In this para, we are going to discuss Gb Whatsapp Features. After reading this, You can’t stop yourself from replacing your simple Whatsapp with GB Whatsapp latest Version 8. The User Interface of GBWhatsApp is just awesome. Here is the big list of all GB Whatsapp Features :

Custom Privacy

                                                                             Set Custom Privacy with new GBWA Apk

GB Whatsapp is one such mod that is even safer than the official WhatsApp application. You might be wondering how is it? Well, the custom privacy settings in the GBWhatsapp are pretty much impressive. The latest GBWhatsapp Apk also has privacy on custom contacts. That means you can now let access to see your status, display picture, last seen to some of your contacts. Which the official Whatsapp never allowed. Now you can keep the numbers of those persons whom you don’t want to show your pictures and status.

Turn on Anonymous Mode

Sometimes, you forget or don’t wanna reply to any of the messages. Since the message is seen, so actually it might leave a negative impact on the sender. With the GBWhatsapp you can even hide the double ticks and blue ticks as well.

Download Whatsapp Status/Stories

GBWA let you download Stories & Statuses

You can now download your friends Whatsapp status or stories and can share them in your stories. Well, if you know the little trick you can get statuses shared by your contacts even in the official version of Whatsapp. Whatsapp actually uses to store the gifs, videos, and photos in a hidden folder which can be accessed via file manager. Just because they won’t need to load them again and again.

Extended Media Sharing Limit

                                                                                             Share files over a GB

Whatsapp allows a maximum of 16MB file to be transferred which is a limitation because even photos shot with a good camera consumes 6-7MB’s. However, you can use the gb whatsapp feature to transfer even a GB of a file via Whatsapp.

Whatsapp also limits a maximum of 10 files to be transferred in a single go. However, you can send even more than 90 files in one go using the gbwhatsapp 8.10 apk. So, rather than selecting several files, gb whatsapp apk will do it within 2-3 go.

Always Online

                                                                                                 24×7 online SWAG!

Though, it is still an underrated feature of gbwhatsapp but works pretty well in some instances. GBWhatsapp allows you to configure the application in such a way that it will set your status to show online 24 hours. It only requires a working data connection for it. You can also prank your friends to tell them that you can remain online 24 hours.

Reach Bigger with extended Broadcast List

                                                                                       Increase Broadcast list limit

Just like the limit to the maximum number of the member which can be added to a group. The similar way, Whatsapp Broadcast has a limit to add at most 256 people in a single Broadcast Channel. With the gbwhatsapp apk you can add 600 contacts in a single whatsapp broadcast. This feature is quite useful in case you own a business and needed to update your customers more often.

Freedom to Send any type of file

Share any type of File with GBWhatsapp 9.0

Whatsapp only allows a few of the extensions to be transferred using it. You can send media or documents files only. You can’t transfer a .apk or .zip using the official WhatsApp messenger. However, gbwhatsapp let you transfer any type of files being transferred.

Disable Voice & Video Calls

Disable Annoying Voice & Video Calls

Annoyed by friends calling you while you aren’t replying to them. Rather blocking them there’s a feature available in the gbwhatsapp mod apk which lets you disable the voice and video calls to your number. Anyone trying to call you won’t be able to call if you’ve disabled it.

Schedule Your Messages

                                                                                        Schedule Whatsapp Messages

Wonder you can wish your friends and family members birthday right at 12:00 am. I know there are lots of 3rd party message scheduler applications. Why waste the crucial storage and RAM installing those crap When you can use the feature right from your Whatsapp. GBWhatsapp latest version is built with an inbuilt message scheduler. You can now schedule your message to get delivered at a specified time.

Set Auto Replies with GBwhatsapp

                                                                                  Set Auto Replies with GBWhatsapp

This feature works pretty similarly to any business broadcast message. Whenever someone sends you any message. If this feature is activated, the software will auto-generate the message and sends it to any who sent any message to you. GBwhatsapp’s auto-reply feature will work pretty great when you’re not available to reply to the message. Just fill the message to be automatically sent and activate the feature.

Copy What you need

                                                                             Copy elements of a message with gbwhatsapp

Though, the official version of Whatsapp allows you copying any message you received or sent. But this is limited up to a single message. If you wanted to copy more than one message it would copy the username with the time stamp with the message.

With this Whatsapp mod, you can copy any number of message without the timestamp being copied. You can also copy some lines of a message.

Change the style

                                                                                                Add a theme to traditional Whatsapp

Your eyes may be bored of watching the witless green color of whatsapp. You can change it with the gbwhatsapp apk. You can select the color of your own and apply it to the whatsapp. It doesn’t require any coding or programming skills.

PIN all your Favorites

                                                                                                       Prioritize your loved one’s

Some chats are important to us. Most of us often have some contacts with whom we often interact. Whatsapp only allows a maximum of three chats to be pinned. But with this version of gbwhatsapp you can now pin more than three number of chats with GBWhatsapp. Which will help you send quick messages to your favorites one.

Theme that Weird Look

                                                                                                           Add themes to Whatsapp

When I was searching Information for GB WhatsApp on the web, I came across this amazing stuffs related to GBWhatsapp Apk. As I have discussed above that you can easily design your own theme in GbWhatsapp. You can download GBWhatsapp Theme from the web by making a Search i.e Download GBWhatsapp themes!

Counter Stats

                                                                                                   Messages counts from group

GBwhatsapp also counts the number of messages transferred(sent or received). This is much helpful if you’re an admin of any whatsapp group. You can see which member has sent how many messages to the group.

Grab that iOS Look

                                                                                                          Grab ios look on android

In case you liked the user interface of the Whatsapp iOS application. You can grab the similar one to your own android phone as well. You just need to configure a few settings in the gbwhatsapp apk. And that’s it you are ready to go.  You would no longer miss your iPhone.

Download GBWhatsapp v8.20 Apk


GBWhatsapp Vs Whatsapp: THE DIFFERENCE!

Application Name GBWhatsapp
Version 8.20
Developer Omar
Category WAMods
Android Req. 4.0+
Root Access Not Required
Downloads 8M+
Main Features Additional features
Last Updated 7 hours ago
  • The user interface of GBWhatsapp Apk is much different from simple Whatsapp Messenger.
  • You can change the app icon according to your preference.
  • GBWhatsapp provides you the feature to add 500 Member in a Broadcast Group which is limited to only 256 Members in normal Whatsapp Messenger.
  • It also allows you to transfer media more than 15 MB, In this MOD, You can send Upto 50 MB Media File in one go.
  • It allows you to copy other Whatsapp Status in a single click.
  • Not only that You can also download your friend’s status in case of videos and gifs. Which is not allowed in the official version.
  • Also, GB Whatsapp allows you to add more than 35 characters in your group name which is limited to only 35 characters.
  • Best-One among all of them, You can view media without downloading it, Damn good! 🙂
  • In simple Whatsapp Messenger, You cannot add more than 139 Characters in Your Whatsapp Status, this limit is also removed by Whatsapp GB Apk.
  • Hide Notification feature is available in this Whatsapp MOD.
  • You can easily hide your blue tick in the GBWhatsapp 8.10 latest version apk.
  • You can also set privacy on your status.
  • You cannot send more than 10 Image’s in one go in normal Whatsapp Messenger but GB Whatsapp allow you to send 90+ image’s at a time. ( I Like It )
  • Whenever some unknown number sends you a link first you have to save the contact to click the link but no such issues in GBWhatsapp App.
  • GBWhatsapp lets you design your own theme.
  • New fonts are added in the latest version of GbWhatsapp.
  • New colors have been added to Whatsapp GB MOD.
  • You can set 24-hour Online status in GB Whatsapp MOD.
  • Locks are Introduced in GbWhatsapp which allows you to add Lock to your conversations.
  • You can also share any type of file like zip, doc, pdf etc.
  • This app supports 50+ local languages.
  • This app allows you to add 600 Members in a group that is limited to 256 members in Whatsapp Messenger.
  • Unlike the Official Whatsapp Messenger, GBWhatsapp 6.60 apk allows one to send any kind of files directly.
  • No root is required to install GBWhatsapp.
  • The verification process is very fast as compared to Whatsapp Messenger.
  • More Features are on the way!


GBWhatsapp Apk Older Version

Maybe Whatsapp has rolled out an uncertain feature to the official version. In case you haven’t liked the features. You can switch back to the gbwhatsapp older version. Though, it is not possible to keep using the official whatsapp old version. Since they won’t allow it. They make the older versions obsolete which would not work anymore. Once the gb whatsapp latest version will be rolled out.

Well, GBWhatsapp apk let you enjoy even the older version of the app. You can install any of the old version in your Android without any issues. Here I’ll be listing some of the old version of gb whatsapp apk with their cool features. In case you wanna switch back to any of the versions. Simply download and install it.

  • GBWhatsapp 6.40 Apk
  • GBWhatsapp 6.70 apk
  • Download GBWhatsapp Apk 7.10
  • GBWhatsapp 7.99 Apk Download
  • Latest GBWhatsapp v9.0 apk

Final Words

So Guys final with this paragraph we came to an End To This Informative Post On GBWhatsapp Apk. We have also shared GBWhatsapp Latest Version Apk Download Link in this article. Download GB Whatsapp Apk from here and enjoy its amazing features

If you have any queries or questions regarding this post-Plzz Shot Your Queries in the comment section. We will be back with a reply soon.

I hope you guys liked this post! If this post is helpful for you, Must share this post along with your friends.

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